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November 2019
In honor of our Veterans, let’s take a look at the structure of the Veterans Asset Protection Trust (VAPT). The VAPT is a powerful tool that can protect assets while enabling the grantor to qualify for needs-based pension benefits. There are two sub-trusts within the VAPT – one is a grantor sub-trust and the other...
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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 40% of people age 55 and over were working or looking for work in 2014.  The labor force participation rate for seniors is expected to increase to around 164 million individuals by 2024.  In 2016, over 42% of workers age 55 and over were in management, professional,...
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Fiduciaries can hold a lot of power when it comes to the successful execution of one’s estate plan—they make crucial financial decisions, act as advocates for a client’s wishes,  make sure an estate’s debts are settled, and ensure that each beneficiary gets what they were intended to receive. As such, helping clients choose the right...
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