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August 2019
It is not always what you sign – it’s also what you say. Long-term care facilities are businesses. Just like any other, these institutions seek payment for their services. If a facility is assured payment by a third-party, that person may be on the hook for the bill, even if he or she never signed...
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The last 100 years have brought vast technological advancements to the masses, including the computer, internet, and smartphone. These developments have changed the way we live our lives and the way we conduct business. Instead of calling the receptionist of a company and asking for directions, we simply navigate using our car’s computer system or an app. Instead...
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Medicaid is a useful resource for paying for the great expense of long-term care. Only the truly needy qualify; strict Medicaid rules dictate asset and income thresholds, along with penalties for certain transfers.  In addition to the traditional criminal penalties that come with Medicaid fraud, there may be a finding of unjust enrichment in civil...
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