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October 2019
There are some potentially positive pieces of legislation pending in Washington D.C.  Let’s take a look at the Stop the Wait Act, The FAIR Act, and the Supplemental Security Income Restoration Act and how each has the potential to help seniors and those with disabilities. 
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The meaning of access to a financial account has recently been litigated in New Jersey. In a non-binding decision, the Superior Court of New Jersey disregarded the Medicaid applicant’s argument that she was physically and cognitively unable to access a joint account – ultimately leading to the inclusion of the resources against her for eligibility...
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Once upon a time, the legal field relied on face-to-face interactions, loads of paper files, and gallons and gallons of ink. This is not so in the current day and age. Our legal documents were once handwritten, then typed and printed, and are now becoming a series of ones and zeros. Most attorneys now harbor...
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